SAML authentication strategy for devise, an authentication plugin for Ruby on Rails


 – present

Open source. Code available here.

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With one other engineer, I finished the basic functionality of devise_saml_authenticatable, then offered continued support and maintenance for the project.

Our internal application at One Medical needed single sign-on (SSO) to support better security practices for our providers and admins. We already used devise for authentication, so we looked for a SAML plugin. All we found was an unfinished plugin, but we saw that it wouldn't take too much work to finish the functionality we needed.

We contacted the author, Josef Sauter and he gave us committer access. Within a couple weeks, we'd finished enough functionality to call it 1.0. We followed up with a couple more features, and since then have helped the community solve issues, add features, and keep up to date with Rails and devise updates.

The plugin uses ruby-saml to deal with parsing and verifying SAML responses, and generating SAML requests.