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Push changes to a Github repository from iOS



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Git Push for iOS was to be an app that used Github's API to POST a commit blob to a Github repository.

I stopped working on Git Push in 2012 due to enlarging scope and unclear vision.

Previously my blog was on Tumblr, so I could update it from anywhere using the iPhone application. Now, since I host my website and blog myself now and keep all the code on Github, I need to keep on top of updates.

To do that, I want to be able to write a post from anywhere. I found the right platform in Nanoc::Heroku which you can read more about on the project page. Nanoc::Heroku supports Markdown pages, which I could easily write from my iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately, there are two key steps missing once I've written something on a mobile device.

  • Commit the post to Github
  • Run the deploy script

Currently, the former is not possible from an iOS device (as far as I can tell). To remedy this, I'm writing Git Push.

It will create the requisite objects, then use Github's new API to create a commit in the remote repository.

This is an extremely powerful capability. I have not yet decided the best user experience for this, but it will likely involve Dropbox or something else instead of allowing in-app editing of files at first.



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    Electronic medical record and provider application for One Medical

     – present

  2. My One

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     – present

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  5. Cerner Chart Search

    Semantic search of provider notes in medical records


  6. Cerner Millennium+

    A new platform for electronic medical software


  7. Mail Funhouse

    Mock SMTP server for catching mail


  8. Cerner Store

    Online storefront for Cerner clients to purchase from and publish to



  1. Water Wars

    Water Consumption Tracking and Competition



  1. Oxalates

    An app that tracks oxalate consumption information


  2. Photo Albums

    Yet another photo storage application, but this one does exactly what we want.


  3. Git Push for iOS

    Push changes to a Github repository from iOS


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