BOSH Release for datadog-agent



Open source. Code available here.

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To collect metrics from BOSH-deployed machines, I packaged a BOSH release of the Datadog agent.

We already used BOSH to deploy distributed systems like Elasticsearch, so when we switched our metrics provider to Datadog, we needed to install the agent on our BOSH-deployed machines. Writing a BOSH release is how software is packaged for BOSH, so I broke down the automated setup for the Linux agent and re-automated it in the packaging script.

I added configuration support for a few useful features, like AWS tags and agent integrations.

I took a small shortcut and used the Ubuntu python packages instead of re-packaging python. I may revisit that choice when BOSH supports sharing packages between releases.



  1. 1Life

    Electronic medical record and provider application for One Medical

     – present

  2. My One

    Patient web application for One Medical

     – present

  3. Pivotal Cloud Ops

    Operations for the publicly-accessible Pivotal deployment of Cloud Foundry


  4. BOSH

    An open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services


  5. Cerner Chart Search

    Semantic search of provider notes in medical records


  6. Cerner Millennium+

    A new platform for electronic medical software


  7. Mail Funhouse

    Mock SMTP server for catching mail


  8. Cerner Store

    Online storefront for Cerner clients to purchase from and publish to



  1. Water Wars

    Water Consumption Tracking and Competition



  1. Oxalates

    An app that tracks oxalate consumption information


  2. Photo Albums

    Yet another photo storage application, but this one does exactly what we want.


  3. Git Push for iOS

    Push changes to a Github repository from iOS


  4. Web Queue

    Better Netflix queue management on any device


  5. Read Link Later

    Instapaper links on