Photo Albums

Yet another photo storage application, but this one does exactly what we want.



A custom photo storage application that does exactly what my wife and I want it to.

I stopped working on new features for Photo Albums in November 2014 when we discovered some new consumer solutions that might fit our needs well enough. We discussed changing the back-end to store photos using Amazon Cloud Drive instead of a custom setup using S3. That would require a significant rewrite, and is not worth it when we could use alternate services that are backed by a real development team.

After reviewing the photo storage application landscape on our Mac and iPhones, we are unsatisfied. We don't mind paying plenty of money for this valuable service, but no application gives us the right combination of features.

The main features we want are centered around targeted photo rediscovery (i.e. search). This application will be web-based but support native features where possible to facilitate photo uploading.

I'm using this opportunity to learn Ember.