Kid Klock for iOS

Indicate time to a toddler



Open source. Code available here.

Kid Klock for iOS is an app that indicates to a child whether they should stay in bed and go back to sleep or if they can get up.

Kid Klock was feature-complete for its MVP but was blocked on needing artwork. I started working on iCloud syncing but had no way to test it. Additionally I did not feel I had the time available to support an app that other people might actually use. I stopped working on Kid Klock due to these concerns.

The alarm uses two states, awake and asleep, in addition to cartoony animal imagery to indicate to the child the time. For instance, if the image is in the asleep state, the child remembers that they should also be asleep.

Because of its nature as an app, this will necessitate an iOS device be left within view of the child's bed.



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