Adam Stegman

Software Engineer

About Me

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I work for Pivotal Labs in San Francisco. I got my BS in CS at Kansas State University and graduated in 2009. I've worked in several languages, but I enjoy Ruby the most currently. I like to focus on product development and user experience.

I love product-focused development, and don't shy away from maintenance. I am very excited by the Internet and app stores and how easy it is today to get a project started. Most of my web work has been in Ruby on Rails, but I also enjoy the core technologies of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also enjoy the other side of the stack, setting up repeatable, consistent server environments that are fully automated and continuously deployed.

Additionally, I love learning, but mostly applying, clever, cleaner ways to do things. I enjoy ensuring things are complete - documented, tested, and released. The opposite rubs me the wrong way - a lack of documentation, hard-to-find resources, or ugly code.

I'm an evangelist for documentation and best practices. I don't like to let bad code sit and try to keep code I touch cleaner than how I found it.


I use things that enable me, like a clean, fast text editor and the terminal. That means tools like Rake and Maven help me accomplish my work by automating repetitive tasks. IDEs are usable but not really my favorite. Most of them barely function as actual editors, they concentrate on other features.

Configuration must be avoided as much as possible.

A little history

I started with simple MUD-like dungeons written in QBasic when I was a child and moved on to more complex, but useful, .NET applications in college. New ideas and projects excite me to no end, though it's always been challenging to drive a project through to a polished end-state.

After graduating from college in 2009, I moved to Kansas City and worked for Cerner for a few years writing web applications and services at every level of the stack.

In 2013 I accepted an offer from Pivotal Labs and moved to the San Francisco bay area.